Architects Project Manual

Project Manual

I developed this Project Manual Workbook many years ago for use with my own projects. The purpose of this publication is to store all that project information that we accessed on a daily basis. In 2012 I decided to publish this workbook so that young Architects could learn from and manage their own projects.

Even today, with all our technology, nothing is faster and more convenant than writing this information down, keeping it in a file folder or on a shelf and just pulling it out when you need it or are heading to a meeting.

This book contains over 60 pages of pre-printed tables and project data to record all the critical project information that you access daily, including a step by step code analysis with the International Building Code (IBC).


•Step by Step Code Analysis
•Project Leaders / Assignments
•3 year Project Calendar
•Phase Chart / Critical Path
•Important Dates / Milestones
•Site Data / Utilities
•Building & Structure Statistics
•Document Distribution
•Bidding & Tracking
•Closeout Proceedures

To find out more or to order copies, visit: Amazon.




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