Architecture Books

Architecture Books for Project Management.

Michael has authored many books to help Architects manage projects. Click on the links below to learn more about these publications and how to order.

Project ManualThe Architect’s Project Manual Workbook

 Keep all your project information at your fingertips with this 62 page workbook. Easy, Fill-in-the-blanks data entry for Site Information; Code Analysis; Team Members; Project Schedule Calendars; CPM; Area Calcs; Document Control – More.



Construction Observation LogThe Architect’s Construction Observation Log

 Save time and money by using this Construction Observation Log Book which contains preformatted checkboxes to record who is present on the site, weather conditions and note work in progress or non-conforming work.  



Meeting Minutes FormThe Architect’s Meeting Minutes Journal

 Stop using cheep, disposable notepads and present a more professional image by using the Architect’s Meeting Minutes Journal. Whether you use the book all by itself or as a tool to increase the accuracy of transcription, this book makes short order of making notations during project meetings.


All books can be purchased on Amazon at:  Author’s List




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