Sustainable Residence

Revit Rendering

Project Description:

Single story 3500 square foot residence with sustainable green roof seamlessly combines sustainability with real world living. Officially 3 bedrooms with a flexible space for a fourth room which can be used as a second living area or closed off to be used as a guest bedroom. A large den serves as a full size storm shelter to ride out storms in comfort. The large pantry is included inside the shelter, providing resources for extended storm duration.

The living roof covers 75% of the living space below and includes covered patio with fireplace. The wire guardrail surrounding the space was specifically selected to present the green space to the world. The green roof has provisions for both in-ground gardens as well as above ground hydroponic growing. Rainwater from the roof is collected and filtered for site landscaping as well as hydroponic systems.

1st Floor Plan - Residential Design

First Floor Plan

In addition to the green roof, an indoor greenhouse is provided directly off the kitchen for growing herbs that are frequently used for cooking.

An Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) system was chosen for the exterior walls due to strength, durability, sound attenuation and thermal resistance. The majority of the green roof is supported by light weight concrete slabs over metal framing, except for the storm shelter which uses 8″ precast concrete slabs for the roof structure.

The arched copper roof over the main living area give the design a modern distinction and the floor to ceiling glazing provide ample day-lighting. A secret to the sustainable features can be found at the entry where a sun dial has been built into the roof structure and the shadow marks the solstices and equinoxes upon a fine piece of sculpture.

The primary guest bathroom; which also serves as wash down station for the spa; draws attention with its unusual “openness” to the courtyard via 8 foot glass windows, but this is only an illusion. Once the light switch is activated, the electro-chromic glass turns opaque and provides all the privacy one would expect.

2nd Floor Plan - Sustainable Residence

Second Floor Plan

This one of a kind property proves that sustainability is not only about building, but living.

South Elevation

The South Elevation of this Sustainable Residence shows the arched copper roof and floor to ceiling glazing to allow day-lighting. Nanawall allows for blurring of the division between inside space and private patio.

Revit Rendering of West Elevation

The traditional garage has been replace with a carport which is open yet protected. Open channel framing roof and metal railings for walls allow the carport to be secure as well as open to allow cool breezes to pass through, while a suspended perforated metal ceiling protects vehicles & occupants from the weather.

Site Plan

Aerial view illustrates 75% of the living space is covered with a green roof. The green roof is designed to accommodate both in-ground and hydroponic gardening. The pond is pleasing and also functions as storage of rain water which is used for irrigation.

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