Virtual Architecture Office

Michael E. Pipkins Architecture & Design is proud to announce that we have completed the installation and setup for a complete online virtualization of our Architectural Office, creating a new business model in Architectural Design.

Our new virtualization servers allow employees to work from home with the same speed and efficiency as if sitting at a desk in the office. The days of lining up employees in workstations, or ‘pens’ like cattle are over.  Technology has reached the level where physical proximity of workers is no longer necessary nor desirable to collaborate in a team environment.

By leveraging technologies such as video conferencing, screen sharing & application serving, individuals and teams can communicate in real time from any location on earth with the same level in integration as if they were standing right next to each other. In fact, it is actually faster and more efficient than being there physically.

We believe that Virtual Office Environments are ‘the’ solution to the slowing economy. With proper execution of these new technologies we cut our overhead by 20% from day one, allowing us to provide greater value to our clients. Not only do we save on general office expenses such as rent & equipment, but we also save on utility costs. It turns out that ‘Virtualization’ is very Green.

It’s also better for our employees. By eliminating the daily work commute completely, employees can save on average, $2,000/year in fuel and put 10,000 miles less on their vehicles. It also gives them an extra 3 hours per day to spend with their families, which translates into happier employees. Studies have also shown that working from home may have health benefits by reducing stress. Happier and healthier employees also mean lower insurance rates too. It’s a Win – Win.

The Michael E. Pipkins Architecture & Design office virtualization environment is not just for employees. Clients, Engineers and other project associates will tie into the system as well. In addition to the Virtual Office, the company has developed an online “Project Collaboration Center” which brings all project participants into a single location in order to share information and record discussions.

The Project Collaboration Center (PCC) is a tool we use to discuss, plan, execute & verify all tasks associated with a project. Our clients and consultants can log into the secure PCC server at any time 24/7 to view the status of their project; make comments; view drawings or create recordable discussion threads about any topic or issue with the project. They can also set up email alerts that will send them instant notifications when a task is completed or even if it is overdue. It is a remarkable tool.

All of our virtual tools are designed with one goal in mind – to deliver quality Architectural Services better, faster and cheaper than our competition. If you would like to learn more about how our Virtual Office can help you with your next project, drop us a line and we will gladly give you a demonstration.

About author:

Michael E. Pipkins, Architect has over 25 years of experience in architecture and is licensed to practice in Texas and Nevada. He is the author of several project architecture books including the "Architect's Project Manual Workbook", the "Architect's Construction Observation Log" and the "Architect's Meeting Minutes Journal".

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